About Us

Our Australian born brand The Archives Label, emerged as an idea in 2018 from what was a sense that a variety of style was lacking within the Men's Beach & Resort wear market. We noticed that the fashion attire of the travelling man seem to be a co-ordinated slew of monotonous linen shirts, & low-grade swim-shorts. Whilst vibrant colors and character through engaging prints were absent and rare to find – (unless you opted for the generic baggy fitted Hawaiian shirts or those dreadful board shorts from the 90’s).

And so, with a passion for sun, sand, and adventure, The Archives was created with a clear vision – to invigorate the swimwear market by combining cutting edge premium materials & quality tailored fits, with signature designs that tell an engaging story and look amazing.

Weeks and months went into research and development, and design decisions were to have reason and purpose. From the flow of the composition, to the crafting techniques and the use of the color palette’s – all work in harmony to fashion our everlasting summer lifestyle pieces. At essence, these illustrations were inspired by the idea of modernizing timeless concepts (including classic memorabilia in all forms) and seek to revive them in a different way.

We applied a theme to each of our prints - but honestly, we were just passionate about creating some kick a** pieces for you to vibe on, whether it be on your vacay, down the beach, by the pool, or at the bar. Functional, Durable & Stylish wherever you go. Pair any one of our party shirts (button-up shirts), short pants or swim shorts with any article of clothing for the optimal look.

Get in quick as all of our prints are LIMITED EDITION!

So enjoy the classics from The Archives – we guarantee our styles will make you the topic of conversation!

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