About Us

The Australian born brand The Archives Label, started in 2018 with an idea to shake things up in the men's swimwear market. With a passion for sand, sun, and spunky swim-shorts, we wanted to make our own stamp, and create something much more signature than the flat colors and patterns that can be seen beachside nowadays.

And by combining cutting edge premium materials and quality tailored fits, we created some never seen before prints.

Our collection came 'Straight Outta The Archives' and we guarantee our styles make you the topic of conversation. You will be like the original Superman - Underwear on the outside of the his suit = ICONIC.

So whether you just want to soak up all the summer vibes, or to distinguish yourself from what your fellow beach bums are wearing – our shorts are perfect for you. Anywhere. Anytime. Any place.

Our philosophy is simple… travel abundantly, enjoy the little things in life, and when life gives you lemons – make Pink Lemonade (or just rep our board shorts 😉).

The Archives likes to appreciate the past and reminisce on the good old times, but we also look forward to what the future can bring. This is the idea and foundation that inspired our name, and our prints. Stay tuned in for what’s to come.


Life's A Beach, Soak It Up!